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Rapper In The Spotlight: PATEKO

As we step into 2024, let’s shine the spotlight on PATEKO, a renowned producer and rapper celebrated for his collaborations with influential artists like Ash Island, Leellamarz, Skinny Brown, and more within the vibrant hip-hop and R&B landscape.

PATEKO made his entrance into the music scene with a collaborative single alongside D-Hack, titled ‘OHAYO MY NIGHT,’ back in 2020. Soon after, he showcased his prowess as a lead artist with the release of ‘Rainy Day,’ featuring Ash Island and Skinny Brown.

First EP

His official debut paved the way for the EP ‘LOVE U GOD,’ dropped in quick succession. This project featured collaborations with notable artists such as Leellamarz, Gist, Jayci Yucca, and more, showcasing PATEKO’s ability to seamlessly blend his style with diverse talents.

In 2021, PATEKO continued his musical journey with collaborative albums like ‘D&PATEKOMORI’ with D-Hack and ‘Welcome to the Kicako House’ with Jayci Yucca and Kid Wine. The year concluded with his feature on Swee Sorrow’s single ‘Please Don’t Go.’

First album 

2022 marked a significant chapter with PATEKO’s first album, ‘Blended Noise.’ Featuring impressive collaborations with artists like THAMA, Milena, Street Baby, and others, the album showcased a skillful mix of genres, meticulously crafted for a unique musical experience.

Throughout 2022, PATEKO continued his musical journey with several collaboration singles. The collaboration streak continued with the second part of the EP ‘Welcome to the Kicako House,’ a joint effort with Jayci Yucca and Kid Wine.

Latest releases 

In 2023, PATEKO focused on collaborative singles and production work. Highlights include the collaborative mini-album ‘Patek on Wine’ and singles like ‘Another Night Passing By,’ ‘No Way,’ and ‘Seoul Tango.’

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