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Kpop Christmas Jingles 2022

Christmas is here! We have to keep with tradition and celebrate this merry time with the best K-Pop bops. This time we have a few new singles and we are sharing oldies but goodies that are a must listen during the end-of-year festivities.

1- Red Velvet X aespa – ‘Beautiful Christmas’ 

We are all going to Kwangya this year with this Christmas bop, Red Velvet X Aespa is a mix we didn’t know we needed, but SM gifted fans this season with the best of the best. Get ready for amazing vocals and stunning visuals we weren’t ready for. 

2- NMIXX – ‘Funky Glitter Christmas‘ 

Rookie group NMIXX made Christmas funky and we weren’t ready for it. This song was unexpected but absolutely amazing to listen to. 

3 – Yerin Baek – ‘Love You On Christmas

If you are looking for a softer and jazzy Christmas, Yerin Baek has your back. Sip a glass of wine and enjoy beautiful music. 

4 – Pentagon – ‘Sparkling Night

The boys from Pentagon mixed disco and the Christmas feels in this lovely single, and we absolutely loved the result.

5 – Weeekly – ‘Happy Christmas

If you are looking for a sweet almost bubblegum Christmas, Weeekly gifted fans with this joyful and very merry song. 

6 – WEi – ‘Gift For You

With the same soft feel and cuteness, the boys from WEi released ‘Gift For You’, and it is just ADORABLE. 

7 – The Boyz – ‘Christmassy

The Boyz released this bop last year, and we are still in love with this song. The harmonies are amazing and this single is all about happiness and joy. 

8 – SS501 – ‘Snow Prince

For those fans who have been in the K-pop world for a while, we had to share SS501’s single ‘Snow Prince’. We just love how this second gen idol group mixed the K-Pop sound with a Christmassy one.

9 – C9 Entertainment – ‘Merry Merry Christmas‘ 

C9 talent got together to celebrate Christmas on a very high note with this single. The quality in this single is amazing, we get the vocals, the amazing visual and all the Christmas spirit needed. Sit and enjoy. 

10 – Stray Kids – ‘Winter Falls‘ 

‘Winter Falls’ is out there to give fans the soft pop sound and melodic rapping we need but with a Christmas touch. This single is an easy listen, perfect for Christmas Eve.

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Have a wonderful Christmas! We hope you enjoyed these bops, and remember to keep an eye on us this 2023 for a lot of music recommendations, and plenty of fan-girling.