Photo Credits: Magic Strawberry Sound

MV Rec: So!YoON! – Bad

In this week’s music video recommendation we want to share one of the most striking visual productions we have seen this year in the Korean music industry. We are talking about So!YoON!’s visual for one of her latest singles ‘Bad’.

Starting off with an intimate, raw and beautiful shot, ‘Bad’ takes us on an art journey, where all the pieces are cohesively paired to create a visual experience. With black backgrounds, dim lighting, and play with shadows this music video creates artistic shots that resemble pieces of art. 

With almost five minutes of length, this video constantly changes shots and angles, but keeps the same soulful connection between them. This production is full of mystery, love, passion and even fear, all of it gathered in small moments and paired with incredible music.

If you want to know what we are talking about. Watch this music video below.

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