Photo Credits: 143 Entertainment

Bobby drops his first single release ‘SiR’

iKON’s Bobby is back with new music and a lot of groove. This time he came back with his first single album ‘SiR‘ including two new singles and an immaculate sound.

Starting off this release is the title track ‘Drowning‘ featuring SOLE. This song has a lot of groove and a very easy listen tempo. This sound is definitely very fresh and new to Bobby’s discography, and we love seeing how his music is expanding across genres.

For the music video, Bobby gets artsy with a production that shows beautiful and alternative aesthetics, a performance full of swag, and surprising cameos of DK, Hwiyoung of SF9, and Sunwoo of The Boyz. This full MV is very cool and full of personality, as expected from Bobby. Watch it below.

The next single is ‘Cherry Blossom‘, for this one we go into a more pop sound, melodic rapping and a lovely arrangement. Bobby’s vocal tone for this song is particularly charming and soft. The music video, as the song brings some shots full of feeling, organic vibes and stunning visuals. Watch it below.

iKON and Bobby are starting a brand new journey and we are looking forward to see their next musical chapter. In the meanwhile, listen to this single release here.

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