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[Brand Deep Dive] Dr.G

We are back with a new Brand Deep Dive, and this time we want to talk about a TikTok famous brand, with amazing reviews and a lot of hype.

Dr.G was born from the idea of improving skin concerns rather than concealing them, the scientists behind the brand have created a range of products suitable for all skin types and specially sensitive skin. 

They have a couple of different product ranges for different concerns, let’s dive right in to find the perfect one for you.

pH Cleansing

Starting off with the pH cleansing line, Dr. G, created an oil and gel foam, soft enough for sensitive skin but powerful to cleanse and remove impurities. This line with 5-biome, will keep the skin barrier healthy, moisturized and ready for the next step of the skincare routine.

A’ Clear

The A’Line targeted towards people with acne problems, this anti-acne line includes formulations across their diverse product range including Salicylic Acid, exfoliants that will help with removal of dead skin and succinic acid for sebum control.

This line includes all the essentials to build a solid skincare routine, each one of them has in its formulation key ingredients to help with the healing of troubled skin.

R.E.D Blemish

Another line that includes all the essentials and a couple of surprises is the R.E.D BLEMISH one. If you are a fan of CICA and other calming ingredients, this line offers in its full range a diversity of products that not just build a solid skincare routine, but also, complement each other for even better results. 

Royal Black Snail

Dr.G’s Royal Black Snail is all about strengthening the skin’s elasticity. This full line has anti-aging and brightening ingredients, providing the skin with nutrients for a better skin health, this line is perfect for sensitive skin, but overall its ingredients list based mainly on Black Snail Mucin, suits all skin types. 

Dermoisture Barrier D

Targeting dry skin the Dermoisture Barrier D, includes in its ingredients list Pro Vitamin D x Filaggrin, this combination besides providing deep moisture, it also creates protective barriers that will help the skin soak all the nutrients for better results. 

Dr.G is a brand that definitely deserves the hype it has, this brand keeps it simple with scientifically proven ingredients that are aimed to provide the skin with the necessary nutrients. Find out more about this brand here

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