[Review] So!YoOn! – Episode1 : Love

After a very successful pre-release with the singles ‘Bad‘ and ‘Canada’, So!YoON! is back with her second full-length album ‘Episode 1 : Love‘. The expectations for this release are over the roof, and we expect nothing but incredible art turn into music.

Let’s dive in!

Episode 1 : Love

IN (Void)‘ begins this musical journey with a very unexpected and highly cinematic arrangement, this intro track is the starting point for what is coming, it very alternative composition, mix and addition of instrumental sets off the mood for what is to come in this album.

The title track ‘Smoke Sprite‘ feature RM of BTS plays of with an indie rock sound and So!YoON! unmatched vocal tone, this single goes off with an amazing instrumental layering, and it just gets better with Namjoon’s low-pitched rapping. The acoustic outro is a total musical experience that intensifies with the angsty electric guitar solo. For the music video, once again So!YoON! spoils fans with an artistic masterpiece, with rather abstract concept, but striking visuals that will hook viewers into this visual experience. Enjoy this visual trip below.

With a beautiful intro ‘Till the sun goes up‘ moves this release along with the indie sound and vibe that make many of us fall for her music, whether you are a casual listener or you are a fan, this song will have jamming non-stop. Following up is the pre-release single ‘Bad’, and we are still obsessed.

With a seamless transition the skit ‘why don’t you take me out?‘ begins, this single quickly becomes a masterpiece that mixes many different sound, instruments and even vocals into a fairy-tale like experience.


We reach half-way with the song ‘Gave you all my love‘ featuring Jibin of Y2K92, this single is a lot more vibey and kinda groovy, the type of music that you would expect in a hipster bar with peak aesthetics. The composition of this song and the sudden break right in the middle is a VIBE, it screams alt-indie rock in every second and we LOVE IT!

zone out, (skit)‘ plays after so smoothly that feels still part of the song, and indeed as the title suggest the white noice in this skit makes listeners indeed zone out.

Acoustic guitar starts off ‘EXIT‘, and with this song we get a fantastic synth line and a retro feel, the sound effects, vocals and little details in this single and amazing and the vocal tones just make them even better.

Featuring Park Jiyoon, ‘LOVE (a secret visitor)‘ brings a more romantic and soft feel into this release, this is the type of song that is a must to listen to live, the orchestration is just spectacular and the singing incredible. The second pre-release single ‘CANADA‘ is up next to take us back into the artsy a beautiful note of this album.

Closing this masterpiece of an album is ‘OUT (to be continued… 🙂‘, ending it in the same cinematic and astonishing way it started it, the vocal layering is fantastic and unexpected, this listening experience gets even more intense as this ending track progresses, this song is super alternative but an amazing listen.

So!YoOn! went off with her second album, this release is a non-skip master piece, its is art turned into music, with a very alternative sound that is cohesive and beautiful in a very unique and outstanding. Enjoy this album here.

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