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Monthly Hip-Hop/R&B Diskovery – August 2023

Our monthly DisKovery is back with new music that definitely surprised us with their unique sound and concept. We found a few gems this month, let’s dive in and talk about these releases.

Hawoong is a brand new find, his latest EP ‘ESCAPE’ includes CRUCiAL STAR and SUMIN as features, and it was an immediate must listen. This release did not disappoint, it is packed with smooth tunes, and soulful singing, one of our favourite singles is Cloudy Day’ but all of them are worth listening to. 

Here is his Instagram if you want to be up to date with his releases, and listen to this EP here.

For an alternative vibe and sound, check out Mlma single ‘Fall love wild joy’. Even though it is only one song, she enchanted us with her unique style and vibey sound. We are definitely looking forward to her next release. 

She is a total Insta-celebrity, follow her incredible aesthetic here, and for her music click here

We have been keeping an eye on Luci Gang, this time she released the EP ‘C8H11NO2 CLUB’, and this release is a total vibe packed with surprises you will not expect. 

Check her unique style and latest updates here, and this EP here.

Last for this month’s discovery is the collaboration between M1NU and WizWorld for the EP ‘M1NUWORLD’. This full release is incredibly smooth and a total experience to listen to. Our highlight is the song ‘Cigarette’ featuring TRADE L, however, they are all fantastic. 

You can follow M1NU here, and listen to this mini-album here.

That’s a wrap for this month’s Hip-Hop and R&B DisKovery, to find even more dope music, check out our exclusive Spotify playlists

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