Photo credits: COOING

[Indie Pick] COOING

We’re back with a new Indie Pick and this time we’re checking out COOING! Let’s take a closer look!


COOING is a singer-songwriter and debuted in 2020 under Music&New with the mini-album ‘COOING’.

In 2021 she came back with the mini ‘Baby Flower’ which I was obsessed with and even wrote a review about here. It’s groovy, it’s a bit jazzy and has killer vocals!

That year COOING also released the single ‘Summer in Summer’.

Her next two singles ‘ONE LAST TIME’ and ‘Sun Dance’ were released in 2022.

Last year COOING dropped ‘The Milky Way’, ‘Even So’, ‘The Summer Night’ and ‘Tied’. Each came with their own stunning music video.

Her latest comeback was this week with the release of the single ‘REC’.

I love listening to her music and it’s one of those gems that I cherish!

Go check out her Spotify here.

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