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[Review] UNIS – WE UNIS

UNIS is the new girl group under F&F Entertainment, created in the SBS Survival show Universe Ticket in 2023, this idol group consist of an international line-up including Hyeonju, Nana, Gehlee, Kotoko, Yunha, Elisia, Yooan and Seowon, is ready to take the stage with their first mini-album ‘WE UNIS‘.

This release marks the start of their career, let’s get right into the music and check what they have prepared for the fans,


This debut mini-album starts strong with the title track ‘SUPERWOMAN‘, combining afrobeats, moombahton, and house music beat, this song flows smoothly with fantastic vocals and a vibey pace that makes it very fun to listen to. The music video for this song is a visual experience with incredible visual effect and sets, the aesthetics are beautiful and all the members shine.

Buttlerfly’s Dream‘ comes up next to show off their fantastic vocals in a rather cute and soft song. This song is a total adorable listen with delicate singing and a lovely arrangement.

Watchu Need‘ takes over to show a more cool side of this group, with a modern and vibey track and a lot of harmonies to hype listeners up. Last in this single are ‘Dopamine‘ and ‘Dream of girls‘, both pre-released during the show and re-arranged for this group.

UNIS has just kicked off their career, and we are excited to listen whats next for them. Make sure to check out this release here.

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