BADVILLAIN: A Powerful Debut with ‘OVERSTEP’

BADVILLAIN is the latest sensation from BPM Entertainment, featuring Emma, Chloe, HU’e, INA, YunSeo, Vin, and Kelly. Their debut single album, ‘OVERSTEP,’ introduces us to a group aiming to become leaders in the 5th idol generation.

The name BADVILLAIN stands for “Be Aggressive for Desire,” with “Villain” symbolizing individuals driven solely by their goals. This concept encapsulates their ambition to make a significant mark on the music industry.

The title track, “BADVILLAIN,” kicks off the album with an explosive blend of acoustic melodies, classical orchestration, and dynamic beats. The track features a flawless flow and impressive rapping, culminating in a catchy hook and an exhilarating build-up.

The song’s music video further elevates the experience with striking visuals and a fierce concept. Each member shines in their solo moments, and the choreography is nothing short of mesmerising. Watch it below.

YAH-HO (BADTITUDE)” showcases BADVILLAIN’s versatility with a seamless blend of Trap and Hip-Hop. The track features impressive vocal interplay and rap sections, delivering a flawless flow and a truly sick composition. Get ready to vibe with this standout single.

The final track, “+82,” brings the album to a powerful close with its aggressive beats and impressive rapping, infused with Jersey Club style Hip-Hop. This outro leaves a lasting impression, underscoring BADVILLAIN’s ambitious spirit.

BADVILLAIN’s debut single album, ‘OVERSTEP,’ is a testament to their potential as future leaders in the music scene. Don’t miss out on this powerful release. Listen to it here.

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