Music is meant to be shared. We all have chords within ourselves and we’re just waiting for that talented hand that is going to bring out the most beautiful melodies.

At first ‘Rosetta’ seems to be really disjointed. The random trombone that plays a couple of notes in the background, the piano that goes up and down and up and down seemingly out of nowhere.

I’ll take what I can get. Because come on guys, it’s Seventeen.

An interesting fact about this song is that out of the entire album, it is the only one she wrote for herself.

Girl groups are going strong this week.

I refuse to be embarrassed about something I hold so dear to my heart. I’m out of the K-pop closet and I love it.

The song slaps and has such a catchy hook, I’ve been singing along after listening to it once.

I flew over to London for a concert and I left with amazing memories, a present from ARMY and an absolute admiration for this fanbase.

The song is so soothing. When you look up the lyrics, it is basically a comforting shoulder for his fans.