Photo Credits: SUMIN

MV Rec: SUMIN – Best Friend feat. Woo

For this week’s music video recommendation we want to share the aesthetics of SUMIN’s single ‘Best Friend’ featuring Woo.

Simple storylines and organic aesthetics and camera work are a few of the latest trends in music videos, and we always appreciate how artists can bring beauty to simple moments of life.

For this MV, we get SUMIN driving and vibing, and Woo joining her on the drive. This moment can be perceived as simple and basic, but the beauty of this music video is in the expression and small moments of both of them solo and also together.

At the end, we really don’t know if SUMIN actually was with Woo or if it was just a dream, but nevertheless all of it was aesthetically pleasing to watch. Check this MV below.

You can listen to this release here

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