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[Review] CRAXY – XX

The girls from CRAXY are back with their fourth mini-album ‘XX’. According to the album introduction this mini contains CRAXY’s ambition to lead the way in the K-pop market. We’re stoked so let’s dive in.


We start off with the track ‘Black Out’. I’m really digging this dramatic opening. The bass is really going off and overall the layering is pretty darn impressive. There’s a really great build-up and the chorus is a vibe. The balance between the acapella harmonies and the Hip Hop moments with the orchestral instrumentals is great! Also hello vocals!

‘NUGUDOM’ is the title track. This samples the soundtrack Tango (Por Una Cabeza)’ from the film 1997 film ‘Scent of a Woman’ by Itzhak Perlman, John Williams and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. The girls are breaking out of ‘NUGUDOM’ which is a term for new, lesser known K-pop groups. I’m really digging the full chorus section. The pre-chorus with the rap verse is fire, when it transitions into the vocal section with the electric guitars I was sold.

The following track is ‘FINGER FLICK’. We’re going rap heavy in this one though the sound itself is very EDM/techno based. There’s a sick beat and the rap verses are fire. We’re getting tons of charisma and I’m kind of curious to watch a live performance of this. The bridge brings us their great vocals.

Next up

Next up is the single ‘It’s alright’. This is a song for the fans. The song ‘Butterfly’ from their mini ‘WHO AM I’ received a lot of love and this is their thank you for the love they received. It’s a pretty pop ballad and has a very lovely flow. ‘It’s alright’ is very comforting.

We’re going a bit jazzy with the track ‘LUCID DREAM’. There’s a cool piano loop that reminds me of a dive bar. The vocals are next level in this. I desperately need a live version of this where they’re in a dive bar or a fifties stage with red lipstick and sleek curls. This is awesome.

The following song ‘Poison Rose’ was released a couple of months ago.

After that comes the EDM remix of the previously released track ‘Undercover’ which came out last year in August.

Two weeks ago they also released the track ‘XX Mixtape Cypher (Position)’.

Overall ‘XX’ by CRAXY is a pretty solid mini that has a lot of balance and variety while still sounding homogenous. I’m pretty sure they’ll break out of nugudom soon.

Go listen to the mini on Spotify here.

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