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August Korean Hip-Hop & R&B Diskovery

J.Yung has been releasing music since 2018, but I did not come across his music until his latest single ‘Welcome to my Nature’. If you are into lo-fi beats, soft rapping and music with chill vibes this one’s for you. 

You can also follow him on Instagram here.

Well known in the indie hip-hop scene, DAVII released his fourth mini album ‘?=3 GENEZIS3’. This release besides having amazing features including Q the Trumpet, BIG Naughty, Holland and others, it also shows an amazing variety of sounds, each song is unique in its own way, and it is a non-skip. 

Check out his Instagram to follow his works and collabs, and listen to this release here.

A new find is Choi J-U, he’s been active in the underground scene but we finally got a hold of his music with his latest release ‘Scrapbook Pt.1’. This EP is packed with raw hip-hop and sick beats, definitely a must listen for Hip-Hop fans.

Here is his Instagram if you wanna check what he is up to. You can listen to this release here.

CHANHYUN already has a few releases, but he hasn’t blown up yet despite his very cool and trendy music. His latest EP ‘MUSE’ is a chill release with awesome features and producers. ‘Shhh’ featuring Leellamarz is a must listen, make sure to check it below, and follow his Instagram for updates here

A brand new fresh debut is Marv, his first EP ‘RIDAH’ is an awesome listen, its mixing and composition fantastic, definitely very impressive for a rookie artist. You can follow him on Instagram here.

Listen to this release here.

LO VOLF’s latest single album ‘ITZANA’ included amazing features, the two singles of this release are power beats and killer rapping. They go hard and the ansgty feel in the two track is just awesome.

Here is his Instagram, and listen to this release here

The duo NEWTOWN BANGERS dropped the EP ‘ANTI VOGUE’. Their old hip-hop sound is exquisite and their flow is amazing. If you want to go back to a familiar sound with a touch of modern beats this duo is for you.

Listen to this release here, and here is their Instagram.  

Another new discovery is EL RUNE, his latest release ‘S.M.I.L.E’ has a unique vibe, the beats are super cool and it is a very refreshing and chill listen.

Check this release here, and find him on Instagram here.

Synn has been releasing music since 2020, her music is more trendy R&B with a touch of EDM. Her latest single ‘Trophy’ features DON MALIK, and it is fair to say that with this single the listeners get a dope mix of R&B and hip-hop.

Follow her here, and listen to this single here

H1GHR MUSIC’s latest talent SMMT debuted with the EP ‘Mr. Hollywood’, the collabs in this release included an impressive line-up with H1GHR MUSIC artist and big names in the Hip-Hop and R&B music scene.

Listen to this release here, and check out his Instagram for upcoming projects.  

That’s it for our August Hip-Hop and R&B discovery, remember to head over to our Spotify to listen to our favourite releases month by month. 

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