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All About Toner Pads

Toner pads are the latest K-beauty trend. They have been out for a while and over the last year they have become quite the popular item among Korean Beauty fans. If you have heard about them and want to know more about their benefits and use, keep reading, we have a few recommendations for you. 

Toner Pads

Toner Pads are essentially pre-soaked cotton pads with toner, created to facilitate that first step of the skincare routine by already having the pads ready to use. Some brands, however, have taken the use of toner pads a little further and have added dual use to these ones by adding a rough and a smooth side for mild exfoliation and cleansing.

Toning is one of the first steps in the skincare routine, helping to balance out the skin after cleansing and providing the first kick of moisture before the next steps. Toner pads facilitate this step and help finish up the cleansing process, removing impurities, reducing sebum and cleansing the pores. 

As many other skin care products, toner pads are also formulated based on skin concerns, here are a few of the best reviewed and our favourite toning pads:

For Sensitive Skin

Calming ingredients, centella asiatica and hyaluronic acid, are the core ingredients for the toning pad for sensitive skin. Most of the product below include a formulation to calm and soothe irritated skin. 

  • COSRX – Green Calming Pad
Photo Credits: COSRX
  • Beplain – Cica Calming Pad
Photo Credits: BePlain
  • SKIN1004 – Madagascar Centella Quick Calming Pad 
Photo Credits: SKIN1004

For Dry Skin

For Dry Skin we want to recommend toning pads by COSRX, Medi-Peel and Round lab. These products are designed to bring in deep moisture along with exfoliating properties to renew the skin and provide all the necessary nutrients for great results. 

  • COSRX – Moisture Up Pad
Photo Credits: COSRX
  • Medi-Peel – Phyto Cica-Nol Calming Pad
Photo Credits: Medi-Peel
  • Round lab – Birch juice moisturising pads 
Photo Credits: Round Lab

For Oily Skin

Last but not least, for oily skin we want to recommend products that help balance out the excess of sebum, and have exfoliating and calming properties. 

  • COSRX – One Step Original Clear Pad
Photo Credits: COSRX
  • Soonjing – Cica Relief Toner Pad 
Photo Credits: SOON JUNG
  • SOME BY MI – AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle True Cica Clear Pad
Photo Credits: SOME BY MI

Let us know what your experience with Toner Pads is, and if you have a personal recommendation, leave it below in the comments. 

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