Photo credits: Fantagio Entertainment

[Review] LUN8 – CONTINUE?

The boys from LUN8 officially debuted with their mini-album ‘CONTINUE?’. The group consists of JINSU, CHAEL, TAKUMA, JUNWOO, DOHYUN, IAN, JI EUNHO, and EUNSEOP. They are under Fantagio Entertainment.


We start off with the first of two title tracks. ‘Voyager’ has a very impactful opening. It’s interesting to hear the duality between the soft voices and the intense guitar riff.

‘Wild Heart’ is up next. This is the second title track and has a music video. The members are racecar driver rcowboys in this one. It’s very cute.

The bass is pretty cool and the whistle in the chorus is refreshing and perfect for summer. I like the groove of this track and the ad libs in the bridge.

‘XX’ is a pop rock track that has a hip hop beat. the chorus is pretty darn smooth. I like the layering of the vocals.

After that we get ‘We Like it’. And to be honest, I like it! The groove is pretty sick and I really enjoyed the sample they had going on in the instrumentation. The vocals really worked over time in this one.

The closing track is ‘Live in the moment. We’re going funky with this disco pop track. This track is a lot of fun and the little vocal influenctions are a lovely touch. The message of the song is also a pretty nice reminder.

Go ahead and listen to ‘CONTINUE’ by LUN8 on Spotify here.

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