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[Brand Deep Dive] Round Lab

This time for our brand deep dive we want to explore the different lines of a brand which gained a lot of popularity last year, Round Lab has been trending on social media for the last few months. Their products are becoming more and more popular in the west. If you have heard of this brand but don’t know which product is best for you, keep reading. 

Ingredients from the Korean Peninsula

With product lines naturally sourced in the South Korean Peninsula, Round Lab prides itself as a brand that uses natural resources with powerful vitality which helps bring purity into the skin. 

Their main ingredient sources come directly from hidden natural treasures in South Korea’s unique ecosystem. From these ones they have extracted five key ingredients for their lines including the Inje Birch Tree, Ulleungdo Deep Sea Water, Geomundo Mugwort, Jeongseon Black Soybean, and Yangyang Pine Tree. 

Let’s dive a bit deeper into the skincare lines. 

1025 Dokdo Line

Round Lab’s Dokdo Line is formulated with “deepest sea water that was ever used in skincare history. Extracted from 5,000 ft. deep off the coast of the East Sea, our deep sea water is incredibly rich with natural minerals” (Soucer: Sound Lab), with this outstanding core ingredient this product line helps with improving blood circulation, providing gentle exfoliation and also having anti aging properties alongside other benefits. 

The product range includes every essential for a solid skincare daily routine including cleanser, toner, lotion, ampoule, moisturiser, sheet masks and even SPF. 

Photo Credits: Round Lab

Birch Tree Line

Sourced in Inje, South Korea, the Birch Tree Line includes a wide list of benefits, among them, deep hydration, brightening, collagen regeneration, calming and antioxidant properties, and even preventing hair loss. 

With all these properties it was only natural that this line included all the steps of the skincare routine and even an aftershave treatment for men. An interesting fact of this line is the different formulation of its SPFs. You can use the stick for easy top-up or use it in its moisturiser version (mild and normal). 

Photo Credits: Round Lab

Soybean Line

Soybean is one of my favourite ingredients in Korean skincare, the uniqueness and wide range of benefits makes it one of a kind, and it is even used in medicine. For skincare in particular this ingredient has anti-aging properties, helps with collagen and elastin improvement and it is packed with the very important Vitamin E.

The product range isn’t as wide as the previous ones, however, it does include the essentials, with a cleanser, toner, serum, serum, cream and even a sheet mask. 

Pine Tree Line 

Pine Tree is a total novelty for us when it comes to skincare. The medical properties of these natural ingredients were already known, however, when it comes to looking after our skin these ingredients have antioxidant and antiinflammatory properties, along with calming and moisturising ones. Pine Tree is also a source of plant peptides which are just great for skin health. 

As the previous line, this one also has the essentials, nevertheless, it also has a powerful formula in all its products including calming cream, calming pads, ampoule and sheet mask. 

Mugwort Line

Mugwort is another K-beauty staple, the many properties of this plant make it a perfect skincare ingredient, however, Round Lab uses Madecassoside extracted from Mugwort with a focus on skin revitalization. 

With this line you can expect soothing, moisturising, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant benefits across their product range, including a cleanser, moisturiser, toner, serum and sheet mask. 

Round Lab definitely deserves all the hype it is getting, their formulations, ingredients and wide range of products tackle many skin concerns and they are all focused on balancing the skin health for long lasting effects. To find out more about this brand make sure to follow them on the global page on Instagram.  

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