[Review] DKB – I Need Love

DKB is back with the sixth mini-album ‘I Need Love‘, recently they participated in the competition show Peak Time and gained a lot of attention for the skills and talent. IT has been a while since their last comeback, so, let’s listen to what they have prepared.

I Need Love

Starting with the title track ‘I Need Love‘, DKB comes off strong with house pop and a catchy hook. This single is a total summer bop with chill vibes in its EDM arrangement. For the music video we get the warm summer tones, saturated colours, and well-planned candid shots. The choreography and group shots are also absolutely adorable, watch it below.

More than 100 reasons‘ brings some old school groove in its arrangement, and a very interesting style, the arrangement in this track is super dope, and really suits the vibe of the members. The line rap stands out with their verses delivery, and the harmonies in the bridge are just amazing.

With a blend of R&B and Hip-Hop, ‘Feeling‘ adds the emotions in this release with its emotional feel and unique vocals. The members poured their heart in this single and listeners can tell as it starts. Just flawless.

1 on 1‘ introduces DKB’s first unit single with the rap line delivering some dope verses, in this track E-Chan and GK impress fans with melodic rapping and even falsettos. The last track in ‘I Need Love (Outro)‘ wrapping up this mini-album with the melodic line of the title track and the summery feel, perfect for the season.

Listen to this mini-album here.

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