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Actor Spotlight: Son Ye-Jin

Let’s dive into the career of the very much loved actress Son Ye-Jin, who has been delighting fans with her incredible acting and lovely persona. She is soon to become a legend with her lengthy list of productions and top rated dramas. 

Son Ye-Jin had her start in the industry with the 2000s production ‘Secret Tears’ doing a voice over. Her first official onscreen role was in 2001 with the drama ‘Sun-hee and Jin-hee’. This one was followed by the drama ‘Delicious Proposal’ in the same year.

To the big screen

Between 2002 and 2005, Son Ye-Jin was involved in several productions for the big screen. She gained a lot of attention and became well-known in Korea, a few of her biggest successes at this early stage of her career were the movies ‘The Classic’ in 2003 and ‘A Moment to Remember’ in 2004.

During this same period she was also cast for the SBS drama ‘Great Ambition’ and the KBS2 one ‘Summer Scent’. 

One of her most well-known works was in the critically acclaimed series ‘Alone in Love’ in 2006. This drama was followed up by her voice over for the animated film ‘Yobi, the Five Tailed Fox’ in 2007. 

After a short break from the small screen, Son Ye-Jin came back with the rom-com ‘Personal Taste’ in 2010, alongside well-known actor Lee Min-ho. This drama was well received by viewers. 

One of the most interesting aspects of it was the display of traditional Korean houses (hanok), and the refreshing and fun storyline. During this year she was also awarded with a popularity award in the 2010 Blue Dragon Film Awards.

The following year she participated in the film ‘Spellbound’ which became one of the top watched productions at the time with over three million ticket sales. 

This was followed up by the 2012 production ‘The Tower’, the thriller ‘Blood and Ties’ in 2014, the 2015 period movie ‘The Pirates’, the action-comedy film ‘Bad Guys Always Die’ in 2015, and the films ‘The Truth Beneath’ and ‘The Last Princess’ in 2016.

Global recognition

In 2018, she returned to the drama industry after a five year break with the well-known drama ‘Something in the Rain’ alongside Jung Hae-In. This same year she participated with So Ji-sub in the romance film ‘Be with You’. 

The global hit ‘Crash Landing on You’ was released in 2019, and became one of her most well-known roles globally, accompanied by Hyun Bin. Son Ye-Jin rose to the status of global star with this drama becoming the third highest rated drama on cable television. 

For a complete list of her works check out her imdb page here. For lovely pics make sure to follow her on Instagram, and keep an eye on her following productions, we are sure they will be incredible.  

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