Photo Credits: GRID Entertainment

[Review] POW – Favorite

GRID Entertainment introduces their first boy group, POW, consisting of the talented members JUNGBIN, YORCH, HYUNBIN, DONGYEON, and HONG. On October 11th, 2023, they made their much-anticipated debut with the mini-album ‘Favourite’.

With a pre-release single and teasers building up anticipation, POW has been steadily gaining excitement for their debut in the weeks leading up to the release. As they take their first steps into the world of K-pop, we’re eagerly awaiting what this vocal group has prepared for their journey into stardom. Let’s dive into the music.


Favorite‘ served as the pre-release single for their debut mini-album. This song introduced POW to the K-pop scene with a rock-pop tempo and an early 2000s vibe. The harmonies are delightful, and the song flows smoothly with a carefree feel, making it an easy and enjoyable listen. The music video takes viewers on a storyline of friends having the time of their lives, watch it below.

For their official debut single, POW chose ‘Dazzling,’ a track with a UK Pop style and beautifully executed vocal layering. This single exudes adorability, softness, and a heartwarming quality. While unconventional for a debut, it effectively tugs at the heartstrings. The music video combines candid shots, cute dance sequences, and an abundance of emotion.

With ‘Slow Dancing,’ POW takes a detour into dreamy indie pop. The track showcases beautiful layering and dreamy vocals. The smooth background vocals complement the song’s overall serenity, and the ad-libs and falsettos are executed flawlessly.

Closing their remarkable debut mini-album is ‘Amazing,’ which brings powerful tunes accompanied by equally energetic vocals and a strong performance. The music video features tight dance sequences, expertly captured by cool camera work and set against a black and white concept. Check it below.

POW’s debut is nothing short of surprising. ‘Favourite’ is packed with hits that cater to diverse tastes, showcasing a unique freshness and a distinct sense of style. This release sets POW on an exciting journey in the world of K-pop. Listen to this release here.

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