Photo Credits: Antenna / Mulgogi Music

Hot Singles This Week

In this week’s sizzling single releases, we witnessed the return of legendary artists with absolute bops and were treated to heartfelt tunes specially crafted for fans. Let’s dive into the musical gems that graced our week.

Kicking off the week with a bang, the beloved Trot sensation Lim Young Woong surprised us all with ‘Do or Die.’ In a remarkable genre twist, he showcased his chameleonic skills, delivering an excellent EDM-driven single. Perfect for a night out or hitting the club, this party banger proves that Lim Young Woong’s versatility knows no bounds.

Pentagon celebrated their seventh anniversary with the release of the special single ‘With UNIVERSE’. 

Prepare yourself for a heartbreaking track that will leave you healed and broken again. This especially because not all of the members renewed their contracts with CUBE, so the fate of Pentagon isn’t certain yet. 

Big Mama is back with their new single ‘Happy Me’. As always we’re shook by the vocals and we really feel the dramatic effect of this powerful ballad. 

The queen of queens, a legend, and a trendsetter in the industry, Lee Hyo Ri, made her comeback with the smooth and soft pop single ‘HOODIE E BANBAJI.’ As expected, she delivered another exceptional song, complete with lovely instrumentals and a catchy hook that will have you humming along.

These were the hot single releases of the week, each offering a unique musical journey. Share your favourite in the comments, and see you next week with even more music recommendations.