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2021 Award Season Favourite Performances

Another year has passed and we are back with a brand new list with our favourite stages of the 2021 award season. This time we had some cool collab stages and long awaited reunions. 

This year some fans were lucky and were able to watch these stages live, and we are all super jealous. 2021 was a bit of a transition year in K-pop but nevertheless idols provided good music, killing stages and amazing variety content. 

This year we decided to list a few of our favourite stages without any particular order. We just liked them a lot. Let’s start!

Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA)

Enhypen – Drunk-Dazed 

The intros in the MAMA Awards are getting better and better year by year. ENHYPEN had a very charming and eye-catching dance intro and we just had to list it. 

Wanna One – Energetic + Burn It Up

Many fans around the world were waiting for this much anticipated reunion and as expected it did not disappoint. Wanna One will remain as one legendary project and the hype surrounding this stage is proof of how missed this act is. 

ITZY – LOCO + In the morning

The storyline and intro created for ITZY’s performance exuded girl power and we absolutely loved it. They are all girl bosses and we stan. The fact that the well-known actor Heo Sung-tae had a little cameo in this performance says a lot of the power this girl group holds. 

NCT 2021 – Vampire + Hot Sauce + Universe 

NCT 2021 took over the stage in the MAMA awards once again and delivered very cool performances. This year we had NCT 127 and their hit songs ‘Sticker’ and ‘Favourite’ with their usual killer stage presence and tight choreography. 

NCT Dream’s ‘Hot Sauce’ stage was filled with their insane vocal power and a very cool stage design and effects, the cherry on top was NCT U with ‘Universe’. 

Melon Music Awards 


TXT had an amazing year and they really outdid themselves with their fantastic stages and music. One of our favourite stages was theirs in the MMA 2021, the VCR was fantastic and their stage presence in the performance was outstanding.


Heize delivered her amazing vocals in this stage and we loved how she kept the artsy concept in this stage as in her music video. It was absolutely stunning to watch.


STAYC is another group that really had an amazing 2021. The design of their stage for the MMA 2021 was colourful, very feminine and fun to watch. 

Golden Discs Awards 

SEVENTEEN – Not Alone + Imperfect Love + GAM3 BO1 + PANG! + Rock with you

SEVENTEEN really took over the Golden Discs Awards and pulled off performances by all its units. They killed it and we loved all the stages. 

Aespa – Next Level + Savage

From the intro to the hits ‘Next Level’ and ‘Savage’, Aespa pulled off a very enjoyable and fun stage. The growth of this group over the last year was unbelievable and their talent was just amazing.

IU – Celebrity + LILAC

For her stage at the Golden Discs Awards our queen IU went for a more organic and musically stunning stage and we loved every second of it. The live band and IU’s raw vocals are out of this world and we are in love with this stage. 

Stray Kids – Thunderous + TOP + WOLF GANG 

Stray Kids once again delivered an incredible live performance that had nothing but talent from every angle. The music arrangement they used for this stage was awesome, and the dance crew made their stage even more powerful. 

Collab Stages 

This year we also got some awesome collab stages, here are a few of our favourite ones. 

  • 98’ Liners (Moonbin x Q x Juyeon x Hwanwoong x Lee Know x Kino x Donghyun) – ‘Tiger Inside‘ (Super M)
  • Moonbin, Taeyang, Hyunjin, WOODZ and Juyeon – ‘MIROTIC‘ (TVXQ!)
  • Minni, Chaeyeon, Ryujin and ISA – ‘Fiction‘ (BEAST)

Are your favourite performances included in our list? If not, drop a comment and let us know which one it is! We will be back next year with new stages from Award Season. 

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