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[Review] The Silent Sea

We’re back with a new K-drama Review, this time about the Netflix series ‘The Silent Sea’. 

The K-drama was based on the 2014 shortfilm ‘The Sea of Tranquility’ that was written and directed by Choi Hang-Yong. He also directed the Netflix drama. Writer Park Eun-Kyo adapted the script for its eight episode runtime.


‘The Silent Sea’ is a science-fiction drama that mostly takes place at Balhae Station which is a research facility located on the moon. Balhae Station had been closed off due to a severe tragedy. We follow a team of astronauts and scientists to the station where they have to retrieve samples of the research. However, they run into a lot more than expected. 

The casting of this drama is excellent! 

Big Names

Our main lead is Bae Doona who plays Dr. Song Ji-An. Her sister died on Balhae Station which is something Dr. Song is still recovering from. Before her death, her sister had sent her an encrypted message that leads Dr. Song’s decisions. She’s an interesting character which I wish they had played on a bit more. However due to its short runtime, I think they just didn’t have enough time to do that. 

We have Gong Yoo who plays Captain Han Yun-Jae. In this futuristic setting, the world has run out of most water sources and everyone gets an allowance card to get water. The allowance is based on your career and work for society. The Captain has a sick daughter and the only way to save her is to get a higher allowance, which he will receive if he completes the mission.

Director Choi is portrayed by Gil Hae-Yeon. She’s the one that sends them on their journey. I also wish that they had extended her character a bit more. It would have been interesting to see her motivations more. The same goes for Heo Sung-Tae’s character; Section Chief Kim. He does a lot of curious things but we lack motivation. 

The other astronauts are Ryu Tae-Suk (Lee Joon), Dr. Hong Ga-Young (Kim Sun-Young), Chief Gong Soo-Hyuk (Lee Moo-Saeng) and quite a handful more. Everyone really carried their roles well to build a cohesive, believable story. 


For a story so fantastical, everyone really did a great job. The effects were very believable. The way they portrayed the water was beautifully done. 

I’m very impressed by the story, but I wish there had been a bit more character building for certain roles. If you’re into sci-fi at all, definitely give this a watch. It’s certainly an interesting perspective. 

Go ahead and watch the trailer below.

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