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[Review] KISS OF LIFE – Born to be XX

The girls from KISS OF LIFE are back with their new mini-album ‘Born to be XX’. Let’s take a closer look!

Born to be XX

We start off with the first of two title tracks ‘Bad News’. This is a super groovy anthem full of girlpower. There’s a lot of vocal power here and the rap verses are fun and powerful.

Check out the music video below.

‘Nobody Knows’ is up next and is the second title track. We’re going for R&B in this one with a blend of funk and psychedelic. It’s a very languid track that will have you bop to it in no time. The instrumentation is really well layered and the brass in the back is super dope. This is such an unbelievably cool track.

Following along is ‘My 808’. We’re going clubbing with ‘my 808’. This blend of Dance and R&B is super fun and the samples used in the instrumentation create a really cool listening experience. This is a lot of fun!

‘TTG’ goes retro with a Y2K sound. The abbreviation stands for ‘that that girl’. This is a Dance Pop track with a dash of R&B thrown in. This one really lets you focus more on the members’ vocal power. This was co-composed by none other than ADORA.

‘Gentleman’ goes for Afro rhythm and reggae. The chorus goes for soul gospel and it creates such a fun vibe. I’m absolutely loving this!  This begs to sing along to and makes me want to drive with all the windows down and the song on full blast.

Next up is ‘Says It’. This one takes on a slower rhythm. This pop ballad with acoustic guitar is beautiful and deserves an acoustic, live version video. The rap verse is really well done and felt like a seamless transition.

The closing track is the English version of ‘Bad News’.

Overall ‘Born to be XX’ by KISS OF LIFE is a fantastic mini-album. It’s really well produced and all of the songs have their own colors. It’s a fantastic listen.

Go ahead and check it out on Spotify here

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