[WebToon] The Reaper and the Waiting

We’re back just in time for Halloween with a fresh Webtoon spotlight! This week I happened across a short but gorgeous Canvas series called “The Reaper and the Waiting” by Jayessart. It’s a supernatural romance of sorts, and especially since Canvas series are often underappreciated, I wanted to bring you this hidden gem.

The Reaper and the Waiting

It’s a story about a Grim Reaper and a mysterious soul that follows him around everywhere. The soul only tells him he’s ‘waiting’, but does not elaborate, nor give his name. And yet something about that soul seems painfully, achingly familiar…

As the two spend time together, we slowly begin to find out what happened in their past lives. How they lived and how they died.

The Verdict

Hands down, the number one thing that drew me to this series was the art. It’s minimalistic, but very expressive and the watercolour style is truly beautiful. It makes you feel like you’re walking in a dream.

The Reaper and the Waiting is neither complicated nor the deepest story you’ll ever read; It doesn’t need to be. It’s a short and simple story, and yet it’s mesmerizing. There’s no massive reveals that fall too far outside your expectations when starting the story. But this standalone short story manages to connect you and make you care for the characters from the first episode. A gorgeously drawn tale of fated love that transcends even death.

Recommended to anyone who wants to read a great completed Webtoon series but has less than an hour to spare.

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