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[Review] TWICE – With YOU-th

Our lovely queens TWICE are back with the 13th mini-album ‘With YOU-th‘. Earlier this month the released the english single ‘ONE SPARK‘, and had us looking forward to this release. Let’s dive right in!

With YOU-th

The title track ‘ONE SPARK‘ begins this release with a great R&B and Pop mix, the members delivering dreamy vocals and stunning harmonies. This single goes off, enchanting listeners with a rather warm melody and very cool synth. The music video makes all the members shine with stunning shots and absolutely breath taking visuals. Check it below.

The pre-released single ‘I Got You‘ follows next with a lovely rhythmic compositions and a very catchy melody. We already wrote about this single, you can check it here.

With lyrics written by Chaeyoung, ‘RUSH‘ moves this mini-album along with vibey and experimental composition, the rhythm and flow of this song is super cool, and we absolutely loved the vocal layering and sequencing.

New New‘ is next with fresh tunes and a fantastic synth with a tropical touch. This song feels very much like a early summer release, with refreshing melodies and a flow perfect to vibe to.

Written by Jeongyeon, ‘BLOOM‘ plays next with an upbeat R&B style, amazing vocal harmonies, and killer high notes. The beats and back vocals in this song are just dope, and the addition of the slightly distorted singing made this single even more attractive to listen to.

With ‘YOU GET ME‘ this mini-album reaches its end, written by Dahyun, this song a soft EDM arrangement that feel rather nostalgic, and it is super pretty to listen to. The lighthearted tunes and singing makes this song the perfect ending for this lovely mini-album.

TWICE once again delivered solid music, and we absolutely loved the self-written singles, these QUEENs never stop surprising us. Listen to this release here.

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