[Review] A.C.E – My Girl: “My Choice”

A.C.E is back with their sixth mini-album ‘My Girl: “My Choice”‘. This release is a special one, it does not only include english version of a few song but it also their first EP after a couple of years.

Let*s check what they have prepared!

My Girl: “My Choice”

Kicking off this release is the pre-released single ‘Effortless’. Even though it has been a while since its release this single is still a BOP!, super fun and a total smooth vibe.

The title track ‘My Girl’, follows along with disco tunes and a retro style we absolutely loved. The vocals, instrumentation, and full composition in this single is super cute and full of soul. The music video is definitely one of a kind, this time they went for an office setting concept and it is totally hilarious and unexpectedly colourfful. Watch it below.

‘Angel’ slows things down with beautiful vocals from start to end. Also pre-released a bit ago, this single is soulful and emotional, packed in harmonies and singing for the heart.

We go into trendy territory with ‘Facetime’, and its bossa nova easy listen vibes mixed with a touch of lo-fi. This b-side is fantastic, very fresh and shows-off a more chill side of A.C.E, we totally love it!

The last three singles in this release are the english versions of the three first singles. Wrapping it up with an international touch. Make sure to check out this release here.

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