Miss Abbott and the Doctor

[WebToon] Miss Abbott and the Doctor

Today we’re reading ‘Miss Abbott and the Doctor’. As the last Webtoon feature of the year, I wanted to make it a heartwarming and fuzzy one, and few series can top it on this front. A ‘sketchy’ Victorian romance as dubbed by its creator, Maripaz Villar, Miss Abbott is a delightful read that’s bound to have you giggling silly.

Miss Abbott and the Doctor

Doctor Andreas Marino loves his quiet life, filled with work and simple amusements, and when the strange Miss Abbott arrives in his town he decides he doesn’t like her at all. Unfortunatelly she’s funny and quirky, has an uncommon past and seems to enjoy getting him in trouble. 

Despite their obvious mutual attraction, these two take their sweet time properly facing their feelings, and it’s just so adorable, you’re not gonna want to stop binge reading. The chapters are relatively short and the pacing feels great. It’s perfect example of show, don’t tell. There’s no detailed exposition, and it wouldn’t be necessary anyway. Everything the readers need to know is there for us to see.

I should point out, there’s nothing sketchy in the dubious sense about this webtoon; It’s just literally a series of uncoloured pencil-drawn sketches. On the contrary, the series is super wholesome, and the way our main pair communicates with and trusts each other is just *all of the green flags*. Originally created as one-shot sketches for the artist’s DeviantArt, it evolved into a proper series due to popular demand. Quite the unusual artstyle for a webtoon series, it’s endearing in its simplicity, and perfectly sufficient to convey all the character emotions and story.

Easy recommendation for anyone looking for a sweet, fluttery, heartwarming read. Enjoy 🙂

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