[Time Capsule] U-KISS – NEVERLAND

For this week’s k-pop time capsule, we bring you a truly ageless bop: ‘NEVERLAND’ by U-KISS.

U-KISS, despite the trials and tribulations of the many (way too many) lineup changes over the years, have stood strong and active since 2008. NEVERLAND was the title track of their second studio album in 2011. Hearing the song you might think, “wow, listen to all that 2010’s autotune”, but you’d be wrong, cause these boys recorded every single bit of vocals one by one. The song is super catchy, and a truly iconic moment of early 2010’s k-pop scene.

And while the lack of autotune goes against the times, the music video does not; It’s basically a dance video, with exactly the outfits you’d expect in a variety of backdrops, from a cold, empty garage, to a cold snowy field, to a suspiciously watery surface. Truly the absolute trifecta of MV settings back in the day.

Honest to God K-pop grandma moment: While, re-watching the MV I was legit thinking that those poor boys are way too skimpily dressed for how cold the settings look. Sure you stay forever young, kids, but you could catch a cold in that, let me get you a sweater.

Watch the video below and enjoy, and you tell me if I’m wrong about that sweater:

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