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[Review] OnlyOneOf – Things I Can’t Say Love

OnlyOneOf is back with ncew music! It has been a while since their last release, but this group has been busy producing content, their web-drama and just last year they finished the undergrOund idOl era showcasing and LGBTQ storyline along with the members’ solos.

Anticipation surrounds this release, so let’s delve into what they have prepared.

Things I Can’t Say LOve

The journey begins with the instrumental single of the same name, setting the stage for the entire release. With an EDM arrangement and a cinematic vibe, it establishes the tone that will echo throughout.

The title track, ‘dOpamine,’ takes center stage, offering an EDM/R&B tempo accompanied by delicate vocals and a breathy touch. The full single unfolds seamlessly, making it an effortlessly enjoyable and pleasantly surprising song. The accompanying music video showcases the members’ performance skills through a dynamic choreography filled with tight moves and striking visuals. Check it below.

Transitioning into ‘give me the lOve, bitxx,’ we immerse ourselves in the realm of R&B. The full arrangement and layering of this single exude a smooth and charming vibe, creating an engaging listening experience.

O‘ follows suit, introducing a darker tonality to the release through an emotional track infused with sentimental singing and intense passion. The members’ vocals shine in this song, perfectly complemented by the beats that amplify its emotional depth.

Closing the release with finesse is ‘gravity,’ a smooth R&B piece featuring killer vocals. OnlyOneOf ensures a lasting impression with this sexy and charming single, leaving listeners yearning for more. Truly legendary.

OnlyOneOf’s “Things I Can’t Say LOve” is a captivating auditory experience. Embracing a sexy mysterious concept, the group leaves a strong and memorable impression. Immerse yourself in this release here.

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