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Ode To The Artist: Kim Sohyang

We’re back with a new Ode To The Artist and this time we wanted to dedicate this space to Sohyang who is a total and utter queen. This vocalist is also dubbed the Korean Mariah Carey which is pretty dope but she’s also Korea’s Sohyang and that’s even better.

Let’s take a look at her discography and some of her OSTs because we all know that to have a K-drama OST you need pipes of steel.


Sohyang debuted in 1996 with the single ‘Mr.(선생님)’.

Sohyang joined her husband’s contemporary Christian band POS and released several albums with them. POS is one of the most popular CC bands in Korea.

In 2011 she teamed up with Lena Park and Lee Young Hun for the mini ‘Diva Project’.

If you want further proof of her vocal chops, check out this cover of ‘I will always love you’.

She’s also a Disney princess! She voiced the speaking voice and the vocal parts for the film ‘Moana’.

Also this is a classic at this point.

Her win of the Michael Bolton episode on ‘Immortal Songs’ won her an award at the Banff World Media Festival.


Here are some of her most popular OSTs.

Needless to say in the wise words of Wendy Williams: “She’s an icon, she’s a legend, she is the moment.”

Go check out her discography on Spotify here.

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