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[Time Capsule] Lee Hyori – Miss Korea

This week’s Time Capsule is dedicated to the legendary singer-songwriter Lee Hyori and her 2013 single ‘Miss Korea’.

We all love Hyori for her immense talent, her free spirit and incredible charisma. She isn’t afraid to touch sensitive topics in her lyrics. She delivers meaningful messages with the best music.

I particularly loved the aesthetics of this music video, she looked fearless and so did her dancers in the music video, the full visuals and lyrics go hand in hand, and created the timeless song ‘Miss Korea’. 

The outro verse of this song feels like a realisation of everything she narrated through the full track, and it truly leaves a lot of thoughts that even seven years after, it is still as relevant. It goes like this:

“Are others’ eyes that important?
Does it feel like it’’ your fault when something goes bad?
No, it’s not like that, come here, it’ll be okay
You’re Miss Korea”

Lyrics by: Yeinjee

Check out the music video below, and make sure to check the lyrics for this song. If you want to dive deep into Lee Hyori’s discography check out her feature in the segment ‘Ode To The Artist’.

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