Photo Credits: YUP:PE/Krish/Find Kapoor/Plastic Island

K-Fashion brands you should check out

Today we are listing some Korean Brands you should keep an eye on. These brands are affordable, trendy, and for sure will give you some great ideas or even the full look. Let’s check them out!  

Raive Studio

I found out about Raive Studio through Playlist Global, this YouTube channel, besides producing some fantastic dramas, also gives some amazing fashion moments and inspiration.

I absolutely loved this white dress, perfect for the christmas festivities. 

It’s knit season people, so what a better look than this comfy green sweater. 

Find Kapoor 

Find Kapoor is a bags, jewelry and apparel brand with some fantastic and very stylish pieces, here are a few of my favourites:

This small bag is great for a casual day out or day-to-day hussle.

For the boys who want a stylish look, this bag is gorgeous. It’s a very smart looking bag, for office looks or strolls around the city. 

Plastic Island

Plastic Island has some very stylish and absolutely stunning looks.

I am obsessed with this coat, the colour is absolutely gorgeous, and it is perfect for both an elegant or a casual look.

This jumpsuit from the fall collection is just fabulous. A must!


For a chill, urban, youthful and very cool look style, make sure to check out Krish. 

Y U P : P E

Y U P : P E pieces are for people on the go, this brand has some spectacular clothing for the perfect office look, casual wear, or just for hanging out with friends. Here are a few of my favourite looks:


Popsiz style is for the edgy gals that love a cute and also very stylish and unique look. I really like how they made their pieces so unique, it makes this brand easily recognisable. 

On top of that, this brand is also on its way to become sustainable. A ten out of ten. Here are my favourite pieces:

That’s it for this list. Keep an eye out for the second part!

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