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The Choreographers of Kpop

The Mnet survival show ‘Street Woman Fighter’ brought some of the best choreographers and dancers in the K-pop world to the spotlight . Now, with its counterpart ‘Street Men Fighter’ currently airing, we got to see even more of these performers that have been in the industry for years and are responsible for some of the most iconic dances in K-pop. 

We wanted to list a few of our favourite choreographers and why we think their dances are iconic. Get ready to have a little insight into the masterminds behind the K-pop world.  


Part of the well-known JustJerk Academy, Bada Lee has an impressive list of choreographies in her portfolio. Known for her abilities in Hip-Hop and Swag style, she has many collabs with fan favourite idols including NCT/WayV’s Ten, NCT’s Taeyong, EXO’s Kai and many more. 

She is responsible for creating the dance performance of Aespa’s ‘Next Level’, NCT’s 90’s Love and Zoo, WayV’s Action Figure, The Boyz’ ‘Maverick’, and many more. 

Lia Kim 

Co-founder of 1Milliondance, Lia Kim is probably one of the most well-known choreographers in the K-pop world. She is not just a tv personality and entertainer, but also a creative that has a very impressive list of choreographies and a loyal following in 1MillionDance’s YouTube channel.

Her impressive list of credits includes Hwasa’s ‘Maria’, SUNMI’s ‘Gashina’, TWICE’s ‘TT’, MAMAMOO’s ‘Hip’, Everglow’s ‘Bon Bon Chocolat’, and many more. 

LeeJung Lee 

LeeJung Lee was already a well-known member of YGX, but after ‘Street Woman Fighter’ her career really took off to the next level. As a former JustJerk crew member, her name was already known in the dance world. 

After leaving the crew she joined YGX in 2019, and has since choreographed for big artists including TWICE, ITZY, (G)I-dle, CHUNG-HA, SOMI, and more.

Son Sung Deok 

All ARMY’s around the world probably know about Son Sung Deok and his dedicated work with BTS since their beginnings. Now, performance director of the power house HYBE, he has choreographed performances for TXT, G-Friend and Enhypen

La Chica 

Now world famous, crew La Chica, has been behind the scenes in the K-pop industry since 2020. They are responsible for most of Chungha’s performances, and have choreographed for BoA, CLC, HyO, IVE, and been involved in the creation of choreographies for many more.


Famous for his works for SM artists, Kasper has fifteen years of experience under his belt, starting off as a trainee. He shows his passion for dancing and creativity through iconic dances that have blown the minds of millions of fans. 

Starting with EXO’s ‘Call Me Baby’ and ‘Ko Ko Bop’, to SHINee’s ‘Don’t Call Me’, he has a solid list of performances created by him. 

If you know any other crews or dancers that have left their stamp on the K-pop world leave their names in the comments below! And let us know which one is your favourite. 

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