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YOUNG POSSE has burst onto the scene as the latest girl group debut under the collaborative banners of DSP Media and BEATS Entertainment. Comprising the talents of Sunhye, Yeonjung, Jiana, Doeun, and Jieun, their debut mini-album ‘MACARONI CHEESE’ boasts a total of four tracks that not only showcase their vocal abilities but also convey a fun and cute concept, as evidenced by the captivating concept pictures.

Let’s listen to the music.


Kicking off this delectable musical journey is ‘POSSE UP!,’ an electrifying opening track brimming with hip-hop influences and rapid-fire rap sequences. The track radiates urban vibes and an invigorating tempo, making it the perfect adrenaline booster for your gym playlist.

The title track ‘MACARONI CHEESE‘ effortlessly follows up with a quirky and distinctive concept that grabs your attention from the first beat. Nestled in the depths of hip-hop beats, deep bass, and slick rap deliveries, this single stands out as a memorable highlight. In the music video, as expected, the group presents an unconventional yet charming concept that effortlessly combines fun and cuteness. The visuals are an absolute treat, while the choreography has all the makings of the next TikTok sensation. Check it below.

OTB‘ delivers a riveting hype-fueled experience right from the get-go. The introductory rap flow sets a cool tone, which unexpectedly transitions into auto-tuned vocals, taking listeners on an enthralling sonic journey. This single’s unique blend of elements and seamless transitions make it a stand-out track with an indelible vibe.

The debut mini-album concludes with ‘Cooing,’ a showcase of incredible vocal prowess. The song’s lo-fi-like tempo offers a smooth and enjoyable listening experience. Airy vocals combined with a minimalistic approach to the beat result in a memorable and distinctive single that lingers long after the music stops.

YOUNG POSSE’s debut is indeed a remarkable and one-of-a-kind musical journey. ‘MACARONI CHEESE’ packs a delightful assortment of surprises, twists, and fantastic music. Listen to this release here.

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