QWER Debuts with ‘Harmony from Discord’

In the ever-evolving world of K-Pop, the emergence of idol bands is a rare and remarkable occurrence. Recently, fans were pleasantly surprised by the debut of QWER, an idol band composed of the talented quartet: Chodan, Magenta, Siyeon, and Hina.

Their debut single album ‘Harmony from Discord‘, includes 3 singles and an instrumental song in its digital version. However, the physical album includes and extra surprise track.

The journey commences with “Harmony of Stars,” setting a soft and angelic tone with its delicate vocals. This single envelops listeners in beautiful rock-pop instrumentals, delivering a touch of nostalgia and dreaminess that makes it a truly enchanting listen.

Next in line is the title track, “Discord,” which immerses listeners in anime OST vibes and a lively, upbeat arrangement. The single shines a spotlight on the members’ incredible talents and skills, making every second a cool and refreshing experience. The music video seamlessly integrates anime intro aesthetics, nearly transforming the members into super-heroines. These aesthetics alone would make it fantastic, but their fun and entertaining presence takes it to the next level. Watch it below.

Concluding this captivating release is “Secret Diary,” a playful track featuring dynamic instrumentals that create an immersive and fun soundscape. This single evokes the feeling of an adventure video game OST, offering an exhilarating and enjoyable listening experience.

QWER’s debut is totally refreshing, and the singles included in this album are absolute bops. Dive into the musical world of QWER and explore the delightful harmonies that emerge from their ‘Harmony from Discord’ here.

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