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[Review] Kim Sejeong – Door

Multitalented and all-rounder Kim Sejeong is back with new music. This time she is releasing her first full length album ‘Door‘. It has been a while wince her last music release, over the past couple of years she’s been charming fans through the small screen and the several roles she has taken part of.

Beside being an incredible actress, she is an amazing singer, we are definitely looking forward to what she has prepared. Let’s listen to the music.


Opening this album is the pre-release single ‘Voyage‘, this song was released last week, as a sneak peak of Sejeong upcoming musical journey, this single includes a indie-rock sound mixed with Irish traditional beats and a charming flow. For the music video she takes us through a fairytale with stunning cinematography and a beautiful storyline. Check it below.

The door opens, and the song ‘If We Do‘ plays next with a minimalistic instrumentation and very surprising acoustic additions. The jazzy sax and instrumental solos are absolutely breathtaking and her vocals a melt smoothly with the music.

With ‘Sea of Hope‘ we get a song that plays as if it was ambient music, with a dreamy feeling, a lot of of emotions and an easiness to listen that can only be experienced while doing so. This single is a total music experience. Stunning.

Between Summer And Winter‘ is next to add a touch of playfulness in this album with an indie-rock sound and beautiful melodies. ‘Destiny‘ follows up, with a piano riff, great instrumentals, synth and a fantastic musical build-up. This song definitely take listeners by surprise witht he great sectioning, and dreamy style.

New Journey

Top of Cliff‘ is the title track of this album. Sejeong goes R&B with this single, with an amazing composition, vocal layering and sound. This single is dramatic, bold and unique, and it only gets better with the short movie created as music video. The visuals for this song are mind-blowing and unexpected, Sejeong pulls an incredible performance with stunts included and a storyline where she tries to break, and the only way is to fight for it. Watch this below.

On a completely different vibe, ‘Jenga‘ follows with a mix of electric guitar an EDM beats. This single gets angsty, dreamy and playful, all of it in a very short period, and this definitely makes it an amazing listening and a total bop.

On a more indie note ‘Indigo Promise‘ comes along with breathy vocals, synth and an easy to listen flow made to charm listeners with is easy to listen sound. The ballad ‘Send A Letter‘ brings stunning vocalisation and beautiful piano acoustics, with this single we go into more known territory with Sejeong, her range is incredible and she shows her power vocals and emotions in this single.

We continue on the ballad moment of this album with ‘Over The Rainbow‘ and its breathtaking orchestration, rich musicality and soulful singing. ‘In The Rain‘ finishes this release with a more dynamic sound, instrumental additions, and a great layering, the perfect ending for an incredible album.

Kim Sejeong delivered a masterpiece of an album, each song included in this release is a ride to listen to, with something unique and a lot of soul. Enjoy this release here.

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