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[Review] Xdinary Heroes – Livelock

The boys from Xdinary Heroes are back to rock our world with their new mini-album ‘Livelock’. Let’s take a closer look!


We start off with the track ‘Freddy’. This is such a fun track with fun vocals, groovy guitars and a really cool build-up. The bass has my heart. All I can think of is the phrase ‘Ready Freddy’ which seems to fit the theme of the track. The bridge is so dope!

Next up is the title track ‘Break the Brake’. The chorus is next level, I love the guitar shredding. The guitar in the bridge is SO sick!! What a fantastic title track! This is exactly why I love Xdinary Heroes.

‘PLUTO’ is a bit more involved with autotune but it’s done in a way that I don’t really mind. The layering is well done and the chorus begs you to shout along. It very much feels like catharsis.

Next up is ‘Enemy’. The enemy is ourselves, as the topic of the track is fighting with yourself trying to find your own identity. It’s a very emo rock track with a dope chorus that I can only imagine must be insane during a concert.

‘Bad Chemical’ brings us industrial rock with some synths thrown in. It’s an interesting mix that we haven’t really come across a lot in Xdinary Heroes’ discography. It still fits their style to a T though.

‘Paranoid’ brings us a rock ballad that is connected to the track ‘Ghost’ from the second mini ‘Overload‘.

The closing track is ‘Again? Again!’. This is a really fun ending to the mini. The energy is super hyped and I love the shout-singing. The rap verse was also a really fun addition. The guitars are going so HARD!

Overall ‘Livelock’ by Xdinary Heroes is another great mini-album. They keep being innovative with their sound and I love the execution of their concepts.

Go listen to it here.

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