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[Review] JINI – An Iron Hand In A Velvet Glove

Former NMIXX member JINI steps into the spotlight with her solo debut EP ‘An Iron Hand In A Velvet Glove,’ now under the banner of ATOC. This release marks a new chapter in her musical journey, where she embraces fresh challenges and unveils her unique colors and style.

An Iron Hand In A Velvet Glove‘ includes five singles, backed by an impressive lineup of producers and an unexpected and exciting collaboration. Let’s dive into this musical journey and see what JINI has in store.

An Iron Hand In A Velvet Glove

The EP opens with ‘Here We Go Again,’ a song that immediately draws you in with its trendy rhythm and an addictive beat. The synth line is nothing short of fantastic, and as the song progresses, it only gets better. JINI’s delivery of lyrics and her vocal tone are exceptional, setting the stage for what’s to come.

The title track, “C’mon,” featuring Aminé, dives headfirst into a full-blown EDM bop with undeniable summer hit vibes. JINI’s soft vocal tones add a smooth layer to the song, and the inclusion of a rapping section injects an extra dose of freshness. The music video takes us on a visual journey with a glimpse into JINI’s high school era, animated sequences, smooth dance sections, and stunning visuals. Check it below.

Dancing With The Devil” keeps the summery vibes going with its tempo and fantastic sound. This single adds an edgy touch to the mix, making it an engaging listen. The vocal layering is seamless, and the inclusion of a choir elevates the experience.

‘”Bad Reputation” greets us with a synth-driven melody that masterfully balances noir pop aesthetics with an EDM core. This song exudes a commercial appeal in a cool and vibey manner, making it a delightful listen.

Concluding the EP is the English version of the title track, reinforcing JINI’s versatile approach to her music.

JINI’s debut EP is nothing short of fantastic. It’s a refreshing and fun collection that showcases her evolving artistry. Be sure to check it out here.

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