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[Review] WOODZ – OO-LI

WOODZ is back with his fifth mini album ‘OO-LI’, just a few weeks ago her dropped the pre-released single ‘Abyss‘ and took our breath away with this soulful song that marked a new beginning in his career.

We are very excited about this EP, let’s dive right into it and enjoy the music!


Deep Deep Sleep‘ starts off this release strong with WOODZ expanding even further his sound and style in an R&B song with an insane composition and arrangement. The build up in this track is absolute insane and stunning, overwhelmingly beautiful.

The title track ‘Journey‘ comes along with a pop-rock sound and beautiful vocals, this song is rather minimalistic but is very meaningful, the choir, the emotions, every single part was perfectly crafted to capture the feelings and fear of starting a new journey. The music video enhances all of this with breathtaking landscapes, drone shoots and CGI, this production is gorgeous from start to end. Check it below.

Drowning‘ takes over with a fantastic soft rock instrumentation and vocal layering, WOODZ goes off in this single and pour his heart out in every note. The drums and electric guitar in this song add a bit of angst to it, and make the flow even cooler.

Starting with almost acoustic vocals ‘Busted‘ kicks off with strong bass, insanely good layering and an excellent use of pauses. This song elevates itself with the rapping section, the insane arrangement that joins it and it acoustic outro. **Chef’s kiss.

Who Knows‘ brings grunge and angsty vibes with it, parts in this song feel old school, but at the same time the sound is fresh, new, and surprising. There is a lot of unexpected element in this single but they for sure work incredibly well witht he style and sound of this single.

Drums introduce us to ‘Ready to Fight‘, and this song flow with and amazing rock arrangement and touch of seventies rock, the orchestrations in this song is absolutely insane, all of it is incredible and we are more than ready to rock-away with this track.

Closing off this EP is the pre-release song ‘Abyss‘, ending with a soft and beautiful touch. You can watch its heartfelt music video below.

WOODZ once again out did himself. This EP is musically rich, diverse, unique, and its sound and mix of genres blew-us away. Listen to this non-skip mini-album here.

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