[Indie Pick] Sanulrim

We’re back with a new Indie Pick and this time we’re taking a look back at the prolific rock band Sanulrim.

If you’ve watched a few K-dramas chances are you might have seen one of the members! The band consisted out of three brothers. There was Kim Chang-wan, Kim Chang-hoon and Kim Chang-ik.

Kim Chang-wan is also an actor who’s appeared in several dramas like ‘Hwarang’, ‘Something in the rain’, ‘Find me in your memory’, ‘It’s okay to not be okay’, ‘One the woman’ and ‘Bad Prosecutor’.

The brothers

The three brothers formed the band when they were in university and were originally going by the name Mui. The band was set to win the MBC College K-pop festival but didn’t because one of the brothers had already graduated college.

Sanulrim officially debuted in 1977 with their album ‘vol.1 Already Now?’. They went for a psychedelic rock sound that was quite new to the scene.

Throughout their entire span they released 13 full-length albums. Unfortunately Kim Chang-ik passed away after a traffic accident in 2008. Chang-hoon and Chang-wan decided not to carry on with the band.

Let’s take a look at some of their discography.

Vol. 1: Already Now

Vol. 2: Spread Silk on my heart

Vol. 3: My heart

Vol. 4: Express Train

Vol. 5: Daytime Hourglass

Vol. 6: Wait a little longer

Vol. 7: Don’t Go

Vol. 8: Flying Bird

Vol. 9: Want to keep it as a smiling memory

Vol. 10: The meaning of you

IU actually made a remake of this song on her album.

Vol. 11: Will it rain the day you leave?

Vol. 12: Dreaming Park

Vol. 13: Rainbow

You can find them on Spotify here.

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