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[Review] Whee In – IN the mood

Whee In is back to stun us with her new full-length album ‘IN the mood’. We’re super stoked for some killer vocals, so let’s take a closer look.

IN the mood

We start off with ‘I Know I Know I Know (beyond)’. This is a super cool opener. The track has a super catchy chorus and is filled with cool guitars and interesting synths in the instrumentals.

Next up is the title track ‘In the mood’. We’re going for a pop R&B fusion with a sick beat and great vocals. I love the soft tone she uses and how well it fits the groove. The synths they added in the bridge are super fun!

We’re getting a collab with fellow MAMAMOO member Hwasa in the next track ‘17‘. We’re going for UK Garage and R&B. This is such a vibe and I love to see these two girls together. Their friendship is so wholesome. The beats are super cool and I’m digging this a lot.

‘Spark’ is up next. I really like the plucky guitars and the snaps as beat transitions. The piano in the instrumentation is also lovely!

Haon is the next feature on ‘Bite Me’. We’re going for sexy R&B in this track. R&B fits Whee In’s vocals to a T so this is pretty much a guarantee for a good track. The strings they added are a delight and Haon’s feature, despite being heavily autotuned, was actually great.

Up next

‘Dance 4 You’ is a mid tempo track with a very chill vibe that honestly would be great to have as background audio for a car ride. The little run to the chorus is SO great! I absolutely loved it!

‘On The Island’ is up next. Dreamy synths, heavy bass and a summery echo effect on the vocals create a summery vibe. This is a lovely listen.

After that comes ‘Aphrodite’. Smooth R&B with airy vocals and an addictive whistle create such a cool track. Whee In’s vocals really stand out in this song because of its airiness.

‘Breeze’ brings us to track nine of the album. This is a pop R&B track with lo-fi drums and analogue synths. I really like the layering in this one. It sounds so spacious and is super interesting to try to dissect.

‘Bittersweet’ is up next. I was immediately sold because of the acoustic guitar. This emotional pop ballad is great proof of Whee In’s outstanding vocals. It’s so emotive as well, she did a great job. It is however a bit on the short side, running at 2 minutes and 25 seconds.

The closing track is ‘Here I Am’. Whee In wrote the lyrics for this one herself. For the first time on this album we’re going for pop rock. Honestly, I would absolutely love to hear this live.

Overall ‘IN the mood’ by Whee In is a fantastic album. It’s a great listen overall, but it also has enough stand out moments that will appease any listener.

Go listen to it here on Spotify.

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