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[Indie Pick] Deulrejang

We’re back with a new Indie Pick and this time we’re shinging the spotlight on singer-songwriter Deulrejang.

Deulrejang originally had her start in the duo Almond which debuted in 2013, however for this article I wanted to focus on her solo works.

Deulrejang’s first solo release came out in 2019.

THat same year she came back with the single ‘Hide and Seek’ and ‘Ouch’.

The year after she released the single ‘For you’ which is such a groovy track. I love it!

In 2021 Deulrejang came out with the three singles ‘I wanna love you’, ‘I don’t know’ and ‘I wanna be loved’ featuring Lee Jin Ah.

2022 was a busy year with the release of five singles: ‘Potential’, For my family’, ‘We were beautiful’, ‘Mindless’ and ‘Dream’.

This year in March Deulrejang released her first full-length album ‘Hi I’m Deulrejang’ which is mostly a compilation of the previous singles.

Go ahead and listen to her full discography on Spotify here.

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