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[Review] Weeekly – ColoRise

The girls from Weeekly are back with their new mini-album ‘ColoRise’. Let’s take a closer look!


We start off with the opening track ‘ODYSSEY’. We’re going for an R&B and electronica blend and it brings a fresh, cool single. I like the instrumentals amd soft vocals a lot. The bubbly synths are everything! Honestly this is title track worthy.

Next up is the title track ‘VROOM VROOM’. This is a retro throwback with a disco vibe and a catchy hook.

‘Backwards’ is up next. We’re starting off with a minimal intro and the instrumentals slowly start building up. It’s pretty cool and I am absolutely loving the chorus. The beat is sick and I love the layering.

‘Sweet Dream’ has a very bouncy beat and the chorus goes kinda hard. The switch up between the softer, sweet verses and the chorus is a bit crazy but also super interesting to listen to. The rap verse was fire!

After that comes ‘A+’. We’re going for a pop dance moment that reminds me a little bit of Bubblegum pop. It’s a refreshing addition to the album and as sweet as cotton candy.

The closing track is ‘RUBY-DUBY-DU’. This is an electro pop track with a happy vibe and lovely vocals.

Go listen to ‘ColoRise’ by Weeekly here on Spotify.

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