Photo credits: Weeekly

[Review] Weeekly – Bliss

The girls from Weeekly are back with a new mini-album ‘Bliss’. Let’s take a closer look and discover what they brought us.


We start off with the track ‘Twenties’. The dreamy synths and melodic guitar create a very fun and up-tempo dance pop track. This is quite a lovely track with a nice progression.

After that comes the title track ‘LIGHTS ON’. What a fun and lovely track! We’re getting a catchy dance pop track with a lovely bridge.

The visuals were really pretty! The effects created a fun dynamic. 

‘Dance Dance Dance!’ comes up next. I’m kind of obsessed with this intro. The album description describes it as follows: “’Let’s fly beyond the horizon and create a splendid dance’, it depicts a hopeful future.” I like the etherealness of some of the parts. Also I think it samples the wedding march? Though I don’t have confirmation of that.

After that we get ‘Classic’. The progression was pretty unexpected. The first verse is quite soft and then when the chorus comes in we’re getting chanting. The rap verse is fun and well executed.

The closing track is ‘Page (A story that reached me)’. This is a mid-tempo track with a warm acoustic guitar which creates an earnest moment. The vocals are carried well and create a very refreshing ambience. This feels very oldschool girl group and it’s a lovely addition to the album.

You can find ‘Bliss’ by Weeekly on Spotify here.

If you’d like to read about their previous comeback you can find that here.

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