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[Review] Catch The Young – Fragments of Youth

Catch The Young, the newly formed idol band under Evermore Entertainment, brings together Kihoon, Sani, Namhyun, Jungmo, and Junyong. Some might recognize them as members of the pre-debut band EVERMORE THE YOUNG. Their debut mini-album, ‘Catch The Young: Fragments of Youth,’ seeks to convey “emotions and messages through the alternative Pop-Rock genre,” and it certainly does not disappoint. Let’s embark on a musical journey with this promising debut

Catch The Young: Fragments of Youth

The EP opens with ‘My Own Way,’ a track that exudes a delightful retro vibe and boasts exceptional instrumentation. The combination of electric guitars and drums is undeniably cool, while the vocal layering adds a layer of potency to this captivating single.

Following suit is the title track, ‘YOUTH!!!,’ which incorporates a synth-pop sound infused with a rock twist. This track radiates an irresistible energy that immediately captures the listener. The synth arrangements lend a subtle retro atmosphere, creating a mesmerizing vibe. The music video complements the song perfectly, showcasing the group’s talent and visuals amid stunning sets and impressive special effects. Watch it below.

‘Talking To Myself’ takes the retro concept to the next level with its remarkable lyrical delivery and a vibey flow that beckons you to dance along. The frequent changes in tempo throughout the song enhance its appeal, while the dreamy backing vocals infuse a touch of soul.

‘First Crush’ presents a more minimalistic instrumentation, focusing on the emotions conveyed in the lyrics. The song grows increasingly lighthearted and soft with each chorus, offering a delightful listening experience. The mixing and production on this single make it lovely listen.

This EP transitions into ballad territory with ‘If You Love Me,’ featuring a beautiful piano accompaniment. The flawless vocals take center stage, and the fact that the song is in English makes it even more accessible to fans worldwide, allowing them to connect with its emotion and message.

A cool guitar riff kicks off ‘The Way To You.’ This track embodies an energetic, fun-filled spirit that is sure to bring a smile to your face. The electric guitar and drum work shine, while the unexpected addition of the organ adds a unique and exciting element to the mix.

The mini-album reaches its culmination with ‘Cactus Boy,’ offering a soft rock-pop sound and acoustic vocal feel. The song’s build-up is amazing, and the melody line is absolutely breathtaking. It serves as a fitting conclusion to an outstanding debut release.

Catch The Young has left an indelible mark with their debut mini-album. Bursting with musical richness, powerful vocals, and an impressive concept, this release leaves us excited for what the future holds for this talented group. Listen to this release here.

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