[Review] NTX – Hold X

The group NTX is back with their second mini-album ‘Hold X’. Let’s dive right into it and check the music they have prepared for this release.

Hold X

Kick it the door‘ kicks off this mini-album with edgy EDM and hip-hop based beats. The transitions in this song are super interesting, they did a great job mixing in the instrumentals, and keeping this song vibey and impressive.

The title track ‘PROBLEMATIC‘ takes over next, with a more performance driven sound. There are a lot of hip-hop elements in its flows, and the mix of vocals and rapping are super dope. The music video is full on performance and the members totally kill it in every single second, check it below.

On a more acoustic note we get the single ‘Just once‘, starting with beautiful piano instrumentals and progressing into a delicate song full of soul and singing that goes straight to the feels. ‘Ivy Booth‘ follows to deliver a soft summery single with a lovely tempo and a touch of R&B, definitely a solid b-side that will be on repeat in our playlist.

This mini-album reaches its end with the single ‘MYFUL‘, this up-beat pop single finished this release on a bright note, with cute harmonies and playful instrumentals.

NTX’s ‘Hold X’ is definitely a easy listen with great singles that further expand their sound. You can listen to this release here.

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