[Review] VERIVERY – Liminality EP.DREAM

VERIVERY is back with new music! This time they released the mini-album ‘Liminality EP.DREAM‘, including five new tracks and one of them only available in the physical format for this EP.

This is their seventh mini-album, we are excited to check the music they have prepared for us! Let’s dive right in.

Liminality EP.DREAM

Crazy Like That‘ kicks off this release and it is also the title track of this release. For this song VERIVERY went international with a hybrid of techno and pop but Brit-style. The arrangement, composition and full flow is very cool and heavenly smooth, the vocals are airy, soft and brings a side of this group we haven’t seen before.

The music video takes an alt vibe, with a lot of cool effects, a touch of angst, and very interesting style. This mv is definitely a mix of coolness and a lot of perspectives with unique aesthetics, check it below.

Vibey R&B and Hip-Hop meet in ‘JUICY JUICY‘, the bass and beats use in this song are super cool and extra groovy. This style really fits their style, the mix of vocals and rapping is super fun, and the little ad-libs totally elevates the fell in this song.

Drums and harmonies begin ‘Raincoat‘, the piano added into the track adds warmness into this song, and makes it soft and a lovely and easy listen. Full of heart and strong singing. The last single for the digital version is ‘Smile With You ( )‘, this ballad closes off this release with rich musicality, acoustics and a lot of feelings. The vocal line takes over to deliver a stunning vocal performance, and what makes it even better is that this single represents VERIVERY own warmth. Just stunning.

This mini-album was a lovely surprise, is shows a brand new side of VERIVERY, and we totally loved it. Make sure to join the listening experience here.

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