Photo Credits: Klap Entertainment


JTBC’s Peak Time winner VANNER is back with a new mini-album. After a successful participation in the survival show and gaining a lot of attention with their talent and skills, this group is ready to move forward in their career and show what their music is all about.

VENI VIDI VICI‘ is all about accomplishing dreams, fresh start, the fans, and of course VANNER. Let’s listen to this release.


The title track ‘PERFORMER‘ opens up this release with a trendy EDM-pop mix, and an up-beat rhythm. This track is a cool listen, it is playful, full of charisma and with a great balance between vocals and rapping. For the music video, the members show their performing skills with amazing dance moves, stunning visuals and a lot of SWAG. Watch it below.

Groovy orchestration start ‘Diamonds‘, and stay throughout this single, the guitar riff and rich vocals are totally out of this world, and it only gets better with the harmonies. This song reaches peak perfection in its bridge’s fantastic build up. Definitely a solid listen.

TBH‘ comes along with a funky bass and a vibey rhythm, this song plays off with a lot of energy, cools synths and the rap-line’s playful lyrical delivery. This mini-album takes a sexy turn with ‘WANT U BACK‘ and its rhythm, the singing in this song is insane, and the full composition is smooth, cool and fascinating to listen to.

We are near the end of this release with ‘Savior‘, a single written by the Vanner members for their fans. As expected we get a rather sentimental song, packed in emotion, pretty single and beautiful instrumentation. Last in this release is ‘FORM‘ this track was released back in 2020, but this version was re-arranged and re-recorded to make it even more exciting.

VANNER’s ‘VENI VIDI VICI’ is a solid mini-album with an amazing range of genres and a solid sound. A total non-skip, enjoy this release here.