Photo Credits: SM Entertainment

SM’s rookie group RIIZE show us ‘Memories’

SM Entertainment is debuting a new group. RIIZE (RISE&REALIZE) is their latest debut including a few well-known faces from SM Rookies and former NCT members. Consisting of Shotaro, Eunseok, Sungchan, Wonbin, Seunghan, Sohee, and Anton, they released the prologue single ‘Memories’ ahead of their upcoming debut single album.

Memories‘ is a feel good song with a nostalgic undertone, it includes plenty of harmonies, and let the members shine in this new beginning. With the music video we go on a road trip with the members, there are a lot of candid shots, and they all look happy while making new memories.

Watch it below.

Keep an eye on their upcoming official debut, you can listen to this single here, and make sure to check the performance video they released a couple of weeks about for the song ‘Siren’.

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